Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Plan

Yes, the theory of weight loss is simple. Less calories in, more calories out = lost weight. 

But I know myself and I know that to make this successful I need a plan.

There are approximately 75,000 weight loss plans in the universe. This is a fact. I found it on the internet.

After days of deep intensive internet scouring (read: googling things and following rabbit hole links to blog after blog) I stumbled across the theory of Carb Cycling. Intriguing, isn't it? So off I went to see what else I could find and ended up at the (virtual) doorstep of Chris and Heidi Powell. What I read made sense, so I ordered their book. 

I've been reading it over the last few days and sat down this morning to make my plan to tackle Week 1. Yes, I'm starting Monday. Because starting before the July 4th weekend just seemed like setting myself up for immediate failure. Because watermelon margaritas are awesome.

The theory behind Carb Cycling is that if one alternates low carb and high carb days your body will be confused, and it will burn fat and use carbs for good instead of becoming saddlebags. Now, the carbs on high carb days are whole foods, not chips and crackers and cookies. Or beer. (But they build in a reward day, so all is not lost!)

As a full-time working mom I know I will only be successful if I plan this thing ahead of time. I won't lie, sitting down to actually make the plan was overwhelming today. But I stopped overthinking it and looked at the graphics and y'all, it's not rocket science. Whole foods. Portion control. 5 smaller meals a day. 

I spent a good hour working on a list today and hit the market. It's now 10:54PM and we had a great day full of friends and family and I am just sitting down after making Chicken Ratatouille, one of the book's recipes, which will serve as lunches over the next 4 days. 

I feel prepped. Mentally and with what's in the fridge, so in the words of Peter Pan...

Here we goooooooooooooo!

Because Fit by 40 was Taken

I’ll be 38 in 4.75 months. Math is not my strong suit but I’m pretty sure that gives me 16.75 months to implement changes to my life.
Seems reasonable, but it appears I have significant commitment issues when it comes to actually getting healthy. I’ve been truly fighting with my weight for the last decade.
Once upon a long time ago I was a dancer who spent 20 hours in the studio every week. I could eat San Luis Sourdough dipped in ranch dressing with a diet (of course) coke till the cows came home and never worry about my weight.
I battled the freshman fifteen and then the graduate from college and move to NYC and eat Chinese food from the local hole in the wall every night 15 and then the oh I’m married now I can settle down fifteen. You see the pattern. It’s been the worst for the last decade. My answer to all of life’s emotions is food. Happy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Bitter? Eat. Frustrated? Eat. And when you couple that with taking a year off from the gym, well, you find yourself a stone’s throw from a number on the scale that you never imagined hitting, and thinking it’s about damn time to fix this.
Sure, I hate how I look. But the worst part is staring down the big 40 and realizing I’m not getting any younger and had better get on this if I’m going to do it.

So here we go. For real this time. Because I owe it to myself and my family.