Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dear Self: GO TO THE GYM

So this about sums me up this weekend. 

And this explains being back at it today.

Name that musical, friends.

No solid excuse for this weekend. Lots of justification and well, laziness. So I went back today for my "long" run of the second week of the Jeff Galloway program.

Every stride hurt. It also sort of felt awesome. But then I sort of wanted to cry. 

I stayed on the treadmill and did my normal power walking of hills to get to finish off my 45 minutes of cardio before I had to get home to meet the sitter. Every step after the run hurt.

Today was:

3 minute walk
1.5 mile run/walk
3 minute cool down

I'm running at 5.2 or 5.3 which is around an 11+ minute mile. I think, but the walks he has at 3.0. At this rate I will finish my 5K 7 days after everyone else.

In the end, I'm glad I went today. Even though it hurt and walking to the car presented a challenge. Which I just don't understand. Interestingly enough - my lungs are markedly improved - so there wasn't an issue there - it was just the joint pain that came along with every other stride, it seemed. 

The lesson: do not take 3 days off. Trust me.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Real Life

Last night was a lesson in why one should always get to the gym if their day allows - saving the no exercise days for days you can't get there.

My daughter's school Science Fair was last night. It was supposed to finish up by 7:30, I figured we'd be home by 8 and I could get over to the gym before it closed. Instead we didn't get home until closer to 9, so the gym was just not an option. 

Alas. Real life. 

I made sure to pack a bag today and since Fridays the sitter drops the kiddo off at home rather than me picking her up, I had time to scoot to the gym before meeting them. I felt off all day, and could easily have talked myself out of going, but didn't, nor did I take it easy. It was day 5 of the Jeff Galloway program:

3 minute warm up
17 minute run/walk (1 min/1 min)
3 minute cool down

I stayed on the treadmill after that and power walked hills, and managed to get in 3 miles in 50 minutes. Which is slow - but he has the walk pace set at 3.0 when if I'm on my own I'm walking at a faster pace. The whole thing kicked my butt  - but in a good way.

I feel good for going but I'm tired and frustrated and stupidly got on the scale when I got home and it's not budging. (Why I weighed myself in the evening when the golden rule is morning only I'll never know.)

Someone posted this yesterday and I love love love it. I should probably tattoo it on my hand or something.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Consistency! Impatience!

Hit the gym Tuesday and started Week 2 of my runDisney 5K program. 

3 min - walk warm-up
15 min run/walk (1 min run/1 min walk) 
3 min - walking cool down

I stayed on the treadmill for another 25 minutes power walking hills.

Which brings us to Wednesday. The wife was home early due to an appointment, so I was able to get to the gym on the earlier side. I don't mind going at 9pm, but I like to get there earlier if at all possible.

It wasn't a running program day and I knew I'd need something to keep me...entertained whilst at the gym, so I searched for treadmill based workouts and found this. 

The 30 minutes flew by because I was distracted by checking out what was next - not to mention the whole thing kicked my arse. I put the speed at the top of the suggested on each. I will definitely do this again on Friday when I don't have a run scheduled, and I'm going to seek out other similar workouts. Lots of the ones I've found involve sprinting at 8.0 and well, let's just say that doesn't seem like a wise choice for me yet. 

I hit the weights after the treadmill and then called it a night. 

I'm feeling impatient when it comes to progress. And yes, it's been oh, 10 days since I started this. But I will keep on keepin' on since I feel so, so much better with the exercise. 

And so I leave you with this.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Isn't this supposed to feel awesome?

Well, I made it 6 days in a row. Taking today off - my other half has a board meeting so getting to the gym this evening is just not possible. Now I'm even more glad I went yesterday. 

Also, this is crazy accurate. For probably the first time ever.

I don't really feel relieved to have the break, just guilty. But hopefully that means my run will be full of awesome tomorrow. 

Food wise, today was a good day. Lots veggies and fruit - and I'm making a black bean and rice dish for dinner. 

Feeling like this whole process is fairly manageable this time. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm doing something wrong.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 1

I am just about done with Week 1.  

I hit the gym 5 days in a row. It will likely be 6 after today since I will probably go and just do a light cardio workout to stay in the habit of getting there.

The regular fitness is making me sleep better. Win.

I have paid much more attention to what I am eating - and tried to only eat when actually hungry. What a concept.

I lost 4 pounds.

At the moment I'm winning the mental game. 

I love this thought, because it's so damn true and something I revisit in my head annually. If only last year...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

THREE! Three days in a row!

I've hit the gym 3 days in a row. Pretty sure that's a record in recent history. Sad but true. 

I'm using Jeff Galloway's Run Walk Run program to train for the April 5K. Jeff is the runDisney expert. It's a reasonable program that encourages breaking up running with a minute of walking to restore the muscles. I love this app. I've done the program before but I'll admit - I've never actually finished the whole program. More info here: Jeff Galloway 5K.

It's an every other day program, so I finished day 2 today - loved every second of it.

Yesterday on the other hand...yesterday was tough. It wasn't a run day but even just power walking on the treadmill took effort. I wanted be like ....

But I finished. And, as usual, I didn't regret it. 

Food wise - uptick in fruits, veggies, all things good for me. And I haven't had wine in 4 days. Fairly certain that's what's behind the fact that the scale is moving in  the right direction. 

Tomorrow will bring intervals on the treadmill - power walking mixed with weights. Keep on keepin' on, right?

Because Fit by 40 was Taken

I’ll be 38 in 9 months. Math is not my strong suit but I’m pretty sure that gives me 21 months to implement changes to my life.
Seems reasonable, but it appears I have significant commitment issues when it comes to actually getting healthy. I’ve been truly fighting with my weight for the last decade.
Once upon a long time ago I was a dancer who spent 20 hours in the studio every week. I could eat San Luis Sourdough dipped in ranch dressing with a diet (of course) coke till the cows came home and never worry about my weight.
I battled the freshman fifteen and then the graduate from college and move to NYC and eat Chinese food from the local hole in the wall every night 15 and then the oh I’m married now I can settle down fifteen. You see the pattern. It’s been the worst for the last decade. My answer to all of life’s emotions is food. Happpy? Eat. Sad? Eat. Bitter? Eat. Frustrated? Eat. And when you couple that with taking a year off from the gym, well, you find yourself a stone’s throw from a number on the scale that you never imagined hitting, and thinking it’s about damn time to fix this.
Sure, I hate how I look. Looking in the mirror is distressing. But the worst part is staring down the big 40 and realizing I’m not getting any younger and had better get on this if I’m going to do it.
We’re in the middle of the worst winter I’ve experienced. If it’s not snowing a foot it’s negative 1000 degrees outside. It makes me want to bake. And drink. To put a stop to that I’ve committed to a 5K with my sister-in-law in the middle of April. We’re going on vacation right after it and I figure that’s a good way for me to make sure I spend the next 7ish weeks getting my ass to the gym even if my eyelashes freeze when I go out to my car, and make really, really good food choices all day every day.
In the end I want to get healthy for my kid. I owe it to her to set a good example.
End game by 39? Perhaps the November 2016 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Because the only time I ever want to run 13.1 miles is if it’s through Disney.